Computed Tomographic (CT) Colonography

The GastroEnterology Center Offers Advanced Digital Imaging

Specialists at the GastroEnterology Center offer patients advanced digital imaging, including CT colonography, for those that are at a higher risk for complications from a routine colonoscopy due to:

  • Advanced age or frail health
  • Blood thinner medications
  • Narrowed or obstructed bowel
  • Severe breathing conditions
  • Unable to tolerate anesthesia or sedation

CT colonography is a diagnostic procedure only so if polyps are detected, a regular colonoscopy may be needed to remove them.

Large Intestine Diagnostic Procedure Screens for Polyps or Colon Cancer

Also called virtual colonoscopy, computed tomographic (CT) colonography uses digital imaging to diagnose conditions of the lower intestine, including polyps and colon cancer. A thin tube is used to gently inflate the colon before images are taken.

Benefits of this advanced imaging include:

  • Can detect abnormalities outside of the colon
  • Does not require sedation, so no recovery time
  • Faster screening time
  • Less costly
  • Less invasive than traditional colonoscopy
  • Lower risk of perforation of colon
  • Multi-dimensional view of colon

Our gastroenterology experts will advise if you are a good candidate for CT colonography and whether virtual colonoscopy screenings should be part of your routine preventive care. Please contact us for more information.

Digestive Health Tips From Our Staff

"Sleep apnea impacts the GI tract greatly. If you snore, consider talking to your physician about this."


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